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Date: January 25th 2015

Ladies and Gents


The NC trip is a success!! We think we have the count at 106 dogs and 14 cats! We cleared out 4 shelters of their adoptable dogs and 2 of cats!

We will be arriving around 5...if we only stop once. Please be ready with leashes on arrival at hvh. Leash your dog and take their name tag. I repeat, take their name tag. Treat every dog as a flight risk. Only fosters and committed adopters,, or volunteers, only. No looking for dogs today. 


There needs to be a crew on crates: cleaning them out off the truck and bringing them in to be set up inside hvh. We will call out foster to get their dogs. Please check in if your dog has any special instructions. 


Supplies will be at hvh but we can get more from the shed. 


If you cant help or if you see an adopter,please sit off to the side. Remember dogs should not be nose to nose, keep door ways clear. These dogs will be stressed out. 


No parking in grass, please fill neighboring lot. We have 4 suvs, a car and the van coming with dogs,please leave us spaces. 


If the core girls there could jump in getting things organized that would be great. We are exhausted. 


Look out for event details for next week. It will be a Saturday night event.


If i think of more I will email it.



Thank you ALL.



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