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Date: October 9th 2013


Our next event is Sunday October 13 at Horsham Vet from 1:00 - 4:00

Come out and see all of our wonderful dogs and puppies.



                             MYA                                                   MIKO     


On July 11, 2013, Mya & Miko were seized from horrendous conditions by animal control. For over two months Mya & Miko have not rolled in the grass or felt the sun on their backs and have waited for a rescue to step up for them. Now in a twist of fate, they are on the edge of losing their lives. Miko loves people and is full of kisses. Mya has lost her fear and is a funny girl who wiggles & wags and runs in and out of her doggy door with excitement when a visitor comes. Nobody wants to see their story have a tragic ending, but animal control has advised us their time is up. PLEASE, if anybody can save these two girls, step up now and get them on the Freedom Van this weekend. They do not have to stay together, but they need out now. Please call Colleen @ 267-238-7892 or Susan @ 1-267-626-5569. To begin the adoption process please fill out our online Adoption Application. After you complete the Application you will be taken to a page with a link to PayPal that you can use to submit the $25.00 application fee. Thank you!


October is National Pitbull Awareness , so we have decided this month and every month to focus on different dogs by color, by breed or even by age.  This month in honor of the loveable Pitbull we will be focusing on showcasing our Pitbulls and Pitbull mixes on our facebook so make sure you stop on over a couple times a week as we feature a love-a-BULL pittie.  


As you know, if you have a TV or the internet, Pitbulls get a bad rap.  Here is a great story of a FOSTER dog, that is a Pitbull, saving his foster "human" brother.


"I owe EVERYTHING to this wonderful dog! He saved me from the most heart breaking pain any mother could feel, I could have lost my son! And MY PIT BULL saved him!"










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