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Adoption event is this weekend Sunday November 3 at Horsham Vet Hospital.

There is always so much going on with Wags, great things, fundraisers, changing of duties, changing of responsibilities, new volunteers, new ideas, rescue is always

ever changing.  Please don't forget to go to our web site at WWW.WAGSRESUCE.COM to sign up for our newsletter, this one is a general newsletter of what is going on

and what is upcoming, there are also emailing lists for volunteers, fosters and adopters, keep up to date with everything WAGS.


We are now on Instagram AND Twitter, you can follow the link from our site WWW.WAGSRESCUE.COM, on Twitter we are WagsRescuePA.  Please share us on all media's. 


We are in need of donations of

Cat and Kitten

- Dry cat and kitten food

-Wet cat and kitten food


Dog and Puppy

-Dry dog and puppy food

-Wet dog and puppy food

-Treats of all kinds


If you follow us on Facebook you will see that we dedicated October to SOME of our pitbulls and pitbull mixes, please spread the word of the wonderful and beautiful pitbulls that we have for adoption and needing foster homes.  For November we will focus on Senior dogs.  As a PROUD adopter of a senior dog I can say they are wonderful.  I have fostered for Wags for a few years and I have fostered many different ages and kinds of dogs, from puppy to senior.  As lovely and cute as puppies are they are a TON of work, my house was in a constant state of "Puppy" , I was "over" the puppy thing, so I branched out to adult dogs.  With adult dogs comes a different challenge of knowing what works in my house with my current dogs, kids and cats, then almost 1 year ago Sunday I had to make a decision that as a pet owner comes so hard to us.  Me and my family where in the midst of the infamous Sandy Super Storm, we had no electricity for a week, when my senior dog of 16 years fell down the steps one early morning and broke her leg.  After taking her to the vet and x-rays we found out that the break was due to bone cancer, I am really growing to hate that word.  After many, many tears and lots of consideration, and thinking and talking we decided it was best for her to let her go.  She gave us 16 years of her life and was there for us in so many ways, and we were there for her up until her last breath.  With my heart so very sad I was on Facebook and saw a Shelter that we pull from had a senior dog that someone dumped at a high kill shelter.  She was listed for rescue only due to her age and she needed a teeth cleaning, she gave her life to a family or families and they paid her back by dumping her at a high kill shelter to spend her last days.  At that moment I decided Seniors were the way to go, not usually high energy of a puppy and pretty laid back.  I fostered that dog because I looked into those eyes and could not say no, she came up and I had her a week and someone wonderful adopted her, I fostered a Beagle from GA and found a forever dog in her.  My baby girl is a senior Beagle that was found skinny and wandering around in GA, she came to me a scared sweet senior and won my heart over, she did get adopted for only 2 weeks before coming back to me, WAS IT FATE?   We thought so, so she is with us forever, whether it be one year or several years.  So in honor of my baby girl, and for others that get dumped on a regular basis without a second thought we will focus on Senior dogs that Wags has or want to bring up , for the month of November.



So stay tuned to our Facebook for our wonderful Seniors this month

we are always in need of foster homes and forever homes, if you are considering please do so.  We require all of our fosters and adoptive homes to have ALL animals in the house up to date on shots, we require vet references or personal vet references if you have never owned a dog before.  Please see all of our requirements on our web site.





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