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Date: November 29th 2013


We are not having an event this upcoming Sunday because of the Holidays but will resume our Events on Sunday December 8th, please check our web site out for up to date information at www.wagsrescue.com.


I want to apologize for not keeping up with the Adopt a senior pet on Facebook, but from time to time Petfinder acts up and this was the month it decided to do it so I was unable to post bios and pics of senior dogs.  



Here are 10 reasons why to adopt a senior dog, I couldn't decide on just 5 so I want to share the 10 Reasons to adopt a senior dog.  http://www.aspca.org/adopt/adoption-tips/top-10-reasons-adopt-older-dog


I can attest to the love that a senior dog can give you, just because they are older doesn't mean that they have less love to give.  




We are always in need of foster homes, rescues always go through foster spurts and we loose alot of fosters in the summer due to vacations, and around the holidays due to traveling so please if you were looking to foster do it now!!!!!!  You can go to our site to fill out an application to foster at our web site.  If you are looking to adopt you should also go to our site to get pre approved, this helps make the adoption process easier and quicker when all the paper work and references are done.  


Christmas is upon us and now is the time where alot of people are looking to get a pet "for Christmas", pets do not make good gifts, the decision should be a family decision, and well thought of before you make a commitement to a pet.  If you think you want a dog, cat or any animal ,research, research, research, you want to look at what breed would work best with your lifestyle, what kind of hair, what kind of personality, what kind of time you have to dedicate to a pet.  While puppies are GREAT they are alot of work, and take alot of time, so you need to be prepaired to bring one into your home.  







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