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Date: January 11th 2014

As you may be aware of , or not, a handful of the Wags Voluteers are heading to North Carolina for a rescue trip, while we usually like to wait until the spring time there is a much greater need for our help NOW.  With the frigid temps we have been having a shelter that we pull dogs from has no heat, while we are all cuddled up in bed with our blankets and fuzzy babies these dogs, young and old are sitting on freezing cold cement runs, in the elements.  Their cages are cleaned out with them in it, so that they can sit there and shiver and freeze to death.  We are in need of donations of tarps, blankets, dog food, puppy formula, flea and tick meds, bleach, towels, wet food, treats, and kennel cages.  This can be dropped off at the event Sunday ,Jan 12 from 2-5, this will be the last time to drop off stuff to us before we leave.  We will be in need of help when we get home to get the dogs all situated and for fosters to step up so that this can be a success in saving nearly 100 animals.  Remember that doubles, if we take 100 then that frees up space for 100 more to come into boarding or foster in NC.  We will all be working in NC and behind the scenes to get the dogs posted, the whole time we are there it is a juggling act for who we can or cant pull, who can we put where, it takes a village.  Please stay tuned to our facebook page as i will try to post, internet is spotty sometimes, and our volunteers that will be here trying to get things together will be posting the dogs to.  KEEP A CLOSE WATCH ON FACEBOOK THIS UP COMING WEEK



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