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Date: January 30th 2014



Our event is early this week, on Sunday Feb 2 from 11:0 - 2:00 at Horsham Vet .  Set up is at 9:30 and cleanup is 2:00-4:00, please email Volunteers@wagsrescue.com to let us know when you can help!  Also, parking is available next door to the vet,do not park on the grass. We are very fortunate to be able to use Horsham Vet for our events but when people park on the grass area it tears up their grass.  There is parking on the lots on either side of Horsham Vet that can be used.  We ask that anyone who is volunteering or fostering park in the lots on either side and leave the parking lot for adopters.  I am sure most of you are ready for the Spring but some dogs sure do have fun playing in the snow, stop on by our facebook page and share your photos of your dogs playing in the snow!!!!!!!!!!!!  Also keep an eye on our facebook page for upcoming dogs that need foster, or adopters.



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