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Date: February 5th 2014


Dog & cats are both affected by heartworm disease
The mosquito is the only known vector for transmitting heartworm. 
The average lifespan of heart worms in untreated pets is 5-7 years in dogs and 2-3 years in cats. 
Virtually 100% of dogs exposed to infective heartworm larvae become infected; in cats, this number drops to 61% to 90%. 
Microfilariae are found in the blood of 80%-90% of dogs, while only 20% of cats have these in their blood. 
Heartworm infection in cats exists everywhere heartworm in dogs exists. 
The American Heartworm Society (AHS) estimates that only 55% of dogs in the U.S. are currently on a heartworm preventive, leaving 27 million dogs at risk of acquiring heartworm disease. 
A study performed at North Carolina State University indicated that 25% of cats infected with heartworms were solely indoor cats. 
Heartworms may infect more than 30 species of animals including coyotes, foxes, wolves and other wild canines, domestic cats and wild feline, ferrets, sea lions, and humans. 
Prevention is far more effective and less costly than treatment. 
Research suggests that heartworm disease could be virtually eradicated using available preventives. 
Heartworms affect cats differently than dogs, but the disease they cause is equally as serious.
This month is Feb and Valentines day is usually the focus of the month, we are using this month to focus on our dogs that are in need of heartworm treatment.  Many rescues will shy away from all dogs with heart worm as it is a big expense for them to take on.  We try to save as many as we can and have successfully had many dogs treated and go on to wonderful forever homes.  This comes with an expense that we need to keep raising money for.  If we want to keep saving these wonderful dogs we need to keep raising the funds, it is a never ending process, but a process that we will keep doing so that we are able to keep saving these lives.  Keep a look at our Facebook this month for pictures of dogs that Wags has waiting for heart worm treatment.  As part of our adoption agreement we require all adopters to keep their new companion on Heart Worm medication for the rest of their lives.  If you have a dog that is not on heart worm preventive please talk to your vet about the options of heartworm prevention there is out there. In this month that focuses on LOVE, and showing our love to those around us please spread the word of our dogs that need this treatment to continue on living and feeling the love.

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