From: "Wags Newsletter" <icequeen99121@aol.com>
Subject: LOST DOG
Date: February 10th 2014

This dog bolted Friday evening, 2/7/2014. I spoke with the foster mother Saturday around 11:30 AM, confirmed she had notified Wags of the situation, and checked this page. With nothing on it at that time, I started to make posts. While this dog came with the name Tramp, the foster mother had been calling him Critter so this image with that name is accurate too. RUBY the Lost Greyhound volunteers made an effective-format flyer that I have shared late Sunday night and the phone number on that flyer is is for the foster father, Pat, and will be different than the contact number you see above for a Wags representative. RUBY volunteers also provided a humane trap that will be checked. I note that the above post references the dog being 10 weeks old. My understanding is that the dog is young, but not that young. The foster mother was even concerned about an age of 5 months being an estimate that was too young. She reported that the dog was pulled two weeks ago from North Carolina and was a feral dog. The behavior since he has been loose is consistent with a feral adolescent dog. His demonstrated agility and speed is not consistent with a developmental stage 10 weeks


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