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Date: February 13th 2014

Saturday Wags will be hosing a table at Citizens for a No Kill Philadelphia's Soulmate Skate down at Penns Landing! We will be setting up there at 10-10:30ish and the event runs until four. We have two dogs coming but we are allowed up to five friendly dogs. We will be outside so bundle up!

We are in need of a few volunteers to help with set up, dogs, flyers and applications!

Please contact me at 2157798026

Our next event is this Sunday, Feb 16 from 2:00 to 5:00.  This month we are focusing on raising money for our many dogs that are still in need of heart worm treatment.  Wags takes many heartworm positive dogs, while many rescue will pass on dogs that are going to cost lots of money to start out with, but we do not.  Heart worm treatment cost at least 3 times the adoption amount.  Some people ask us why not save three dogs for the price of heartworm treatment on one dog?   In order to keep this up we need to continuously raise funds for this.  This month we are selling heart shaped dog beds, Small for 15.00, medium for 25.00, large for 35.00 and extra large for 42.00
Above are just some of the patterns we have, these can be bought at our events on Sunday

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