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Date: March 6th 2014


Wags Rescue is trying to raise funds for our dogs that have Heart Worm.  We currently have 24 dogs waiting for heart worm treatment, for each dog it costs us 700.00 so to treat all of our dogs it is going to cost us 16,800  surprise, that is alot of money.  We are a dedicated group of volunteers trying to reach our goal, wracking our brains on ways to come up with the funds.  Heartworms are treatable but the longer it goes untreated the more damage it can do to the dogs heart.  We have set up a sponsor button for a dog of your choice , just go to our web site at www.wagsrescue.com and click on the sponsor button for a dog,  When you sponsor a dogs treatment you will get updates for as long as you sponsor the dog or until the dog gets adopted.


We can not do it without you, that is for sure.  This month we are selling  heart shaped dog beds, standard size pillow cases, earings and Wags t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts and hoodies.  All proceeds go towards heart worm treated.  


Please keep your eyes on our facebook page for dogs that need sponsorship, foster or adopters.  We save young , old, big, small, and special needs.  


I want everyone to also know that heart worm treatment is not our only bill, we have pull fees, vet bills, boarding bills, transport fees, most of our adoption fees don't even cover what we have put out on each dog.  We are trying our hardest to come up with the cost to cover it all, and it is never ending, please try to help us and share our efforts.






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