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Subject: WAGS NEWS
Date: May 28th 2014

Our up coming event is this Sunday June 1, 2014
at Horsham Vet from 2:00-5:00
Please come out with your foster, and spread the word that we have lots and lots of dogs still available for adoption.
We can not save dogs without fosters, as fosters are the back bone of rescue.  We never feel like we can save enough lives
and will always mourn the lives that we could not save in time, we can't do it without foster homes.  Please spread the word that we are looking for wonderful homes for our dogs in need.  To start the foster process or the adoption process go to our site at www.wagsrescue.com and fill out our application. 
If you have gone on our site you have seen the problem with Petfinder, we have found out that if you click on "Adoption" and then onto the "Petfinder" link (it is the pick of the dog and the petfinder sign) and you will get full access to all of our dogs!!!
Head on over to our Facebook page for posts of dogs to come and current fosters in foster homes 

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