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Date: June 12th 2014


Come out to our event tomorrow, we need a few people to help setup about 5:00-5:30

The event to follow.  Fosters please bring your fosters out, the more the fosters are at events the faster they can find their forever hom.


We would like to hold Bake sales at every event to raise the much needed money we need to continue saving lives. 

We will need someont to coordinate it every week, we will need someone to run the table, and donated homemade goodies, wrapped indivually.

If you are on Facebook and foster please friend Colleen Simeti so that she can get pictures of our fosters. 


We ask that everyone that has a foster dog get up to date photos of your foster and send them to us.  We are also asking that foster dogs atten at least 2 events a month.  The more events the fosters attend, the quicker they will find their forever home, which is why we foster.




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