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Date: October 17th 2014


Come see us Saturday at the Horsham Athletic Club

Some Volunteer Reminders
*We would like to ask any and all volunteers to park in the parking lot on either side  of Horsham Vet, we need to leave the parking lot for the adopters and for Horsham Vet customers that are coming into pick up their dogs from boarding. When parking in either lot we need to be respectful, park in between the lines, respect other drivers and people coming in and out of the parking lots. Also NO PARKING ON THE GRASS, by parking on the grass we are destroying Horsham Vet's lawn, this is no way to pay them back for letting us use the Hospital for our events.  We will need 2 volunteers to Supervise Horsham parking lot and the other parking lots.  We can set up several volunteers to take turns rotating through out the event.  
*We are asking EVERYONE to clean up, if you have a dog out on the lawn PLEASE pick up any messes that your dog makes, nothing more gross than walking your dog on the lawn and stepping in a pile of poo.  When going out ask for a bag to clean up the messes.
*We are also asking everyone to remember that Horsham vet, although they are not taking patients at the time, is still operating.  The amazing girls and guys are in there working in the kennel to take care of clients dogs boarding and our Wags dogs in boarding.  They come out in the lobby to clean vents and clean all around, they go from room to room cleaning sinks, taking trash, cleaning vents, cleaning window, it is  because of these employees that Horsham Vet is so organized and clean.  We are asking that everyone be courteous to them and remember that WE are guest, lets try to stay out of their way, if we are in a room and they come in to clean lets leave the room and give them their space to get done what they have to get done.  If you see things in the way when they are trying to clean please move
them and try to help, remember WE are in their way, they have a job to do.  They girls and guys are always very kind and sweet, and Horsham is very kind to let us use their facility, we do not want to be intrusive in the process, please help us to be able to maintain a great relationship with Horsham Vet, if it wasn't for Horsham Vet we would not adopt out as many dogs as we do, and we would not be able to hold our adoption events, we are very lucky to be given the opportunity to use such a great facility.  
*Volunteers are ONLY allowed in the front of the hospital, we are allowed to use the lobby, the exam rooms and the area right behind the rooms where we often put food out for volunteers, but please go NO FURTHER than here.
 *Every dog and puppy must have a collar with a Wags ID tag attached to collar.
Please make sure the collar is on properly so the dog cannot slip out of it. Test to make sure it cannot be slipped by trying to pull it over the dog’s head.  If any part of an ear can slip through the dog will be able to get loose.
*ALWAYS have 2 leashes on the dog when they are out of their crates.  1 that snaps onto the collar and a slip leash around their neck.
*ALL PUPPIES MUST STAY IN THE X PENS DURING THE ENTIRE EVENT.  Please do not allow your children to hold the puppies outside of the pens during an event.  Potential adopters think these puppies are already taken.  Children may sit in the pens with the puppies, but again they are not to be taken out of the pen unless they are meeting with adopters.
We also ask parents to supervise their children, we do not want to see anyone get hurt, or accidently let a dog out.
*These few simple guidelines will make the adoption events a great success and insure the safety of animals and people.
Wags thanks you for your help!

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