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Date: December 28th 2014

Wags will be at the Greater Philadelphia. Pet Expo on Jan. 9, 10, 11 and we need foster dogs and handlers to attend.  There are only a specific number of badges available so I need to know who is coming and what time.  Fosters bringing dogs are the first priority, along with volunteers who are willing to bring someone else foster dog (and pick up if they are not staying the whole time).  

Becky is organizing an can arrange for adoptions-so dogs can get adopted from the event.  This is an awesome opportunity for some of our slower moving dogs.  Please make every effort to attend or help get these dogs there. 

January 9th – 11th, 2015
Friday 4pm – 9pm, Saturday 10am – 7pm, Sun 10am – 5pm
The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
100 Station Avenue
Oaks, Pennsylvania 19456

There are tons of fun things to do and see at the expo and it is a great outing.  We have had tons of fun the past several years since we started going.  Please reply ASAP to Fosters@wagsrescue.org if you would like to go and which day and time range that you can attend.  Becky or Emily will let you know once we coordinate all those wanting to go with the number of badges and have a schedule.  

FOSTER DOGS ATTENDING MUST BE AT LEAST 4 MONTHS OLD AND HAVE THEIR RABIES VACCINATION--- So they must be 4 months old as they would have the rabies if four months old and a Wags dog.  So no baby, baby puppies

Wags Rescue tries to take a yearly trip to North Carolina where we get a majority of our dogs. At the end of January we will be taking that trip and we will need ALL HANDS ON DECK.  We will need lots of help through this trip.  I maintain the Facebook page but will be on the trip also, so I will be doing all my Facebook postings through Facebook on my phone, so I am limited on what i can do.  Please stay glued to our Facebook and network and share, and share, and share some more.  It is important to know that the pictures posted may not be the best and we will be visiting shelters and have very limited space or time to get pictures.  So bear with us and don't judge a dog on the crummy pictures I get, lol.  That is not the only thing going on, while we are in North Carolina going to shelters, making more contacts, visiting our foster homes in North Carolina, and visiting more shelters, we will have a crew of our wonderful volunteers working on things here in Pa.  They will be coordinating paper work, foster applications, adoption applications and sssssooooo much more.  Wags has an amazing group of people that help out, it truly takes a village to do this and we appreciate, love and value each person that is apart of this.  

If you were thinking of fostering now would be a great time, the more dogs we can get into foster homes the more we can save.  

I have been on at least 4 of these trips and it is never easy.  Our minds are racing, and figuring, and posting, and fielding emails, texts and calls trying to get every dog we can a chance of living.  The hardest part was one trip that we literally walked in a particular shelter and decided who was going to live and come with us and who was going to die.  A shelter that doesn't have a high pulling rate, we are what pulls from it, and we had to decide the dogs fate.  I cant even begin to explain this feeling, and while leaving the shelter , exhausting who could go where and what we could do with what dog, there were 4 more people walking in with owner surrenders.  It never ends, It is a continuous uphill battle, but we keep doing it for those that we HAVE saved, and for those that we WILL save. On the flip side there is the moment when we walked a few dogs out the back doors to freedom, right by the GAS CHAMBER, a fate that they were not going to have this time. 

Keep an eye on our site we will be having an adoption event the weekend before we leave and will be calling out for donations to take with us to North Carolina to help out our Sister rescue and fellow fosters.


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