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Sent March 21st 2015

Today's event will be as follows Plan for 3/21 sat : 3:00 set up @ Horsham 4:30-7:30 event 7:30-8:30 clean up and MOST crates to the shed for transport! Fran  ...

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Sent February 21st 2015

Just a few reminders Lots of puppies and dogs at this Sunday's event.  Horsham Vet from 1:00 - 4:00, please consider fostering if you have not fostered for a while. Reminder to all volunteers, please throw OUT all heavily soiled laundry, diarrhea poop or vomitted on, please do not put it in the dirty laundry bag. Donations -  we are running real low on puppy food and need donations.  If you can donate please drop off to any event Fran ...

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Sent February 14th 2015

Plans  for tomorrow 2/15:  Happy Valentine's Day!! Hug someone special today, especially those four legged babies. Yippee....we get to sleep in tomorrow! Bundle up with lots of layers ....hats gloves and scarves are a must!!! 11:00 shed ( when need a few people to help Ed) 11:00 set up ( Chrissy and Amanda will be cleaning crates..... _Crates in the closet off limits until disinfected_) 11:30-12:00 evaluate surrenders 12:00-1:00 pre-approved adopters arrive 1:00-4:00 event 4:00-6:00 clean-up and retu...


Sent January 3rd 2015

Plan for SUNDAY Jan 4: Happy New Year and Welcome back! Sorry this is so late I am enjoying this holiday time far too much! 7:00 AM walk water and feed dogs 9:00 set-up for event and shed run ( need a few volunteer to meet Ed exact time TBD) 10:30 pre approved adopters arrive 11:30-12:30 evaluate  surrenders 12:00-1:00 prepare for the crowd....eat up rest up!!!!!! 1:30-4:30 adoption event ...will be crazy!! 4:30-5:30 fosters pick up 5:00-6:30 clean-up PIs bring a snack to share....long day! Pls park le...


Sent December 28th 2014

Wags will be at the Greater Philadelphia. Pet Expo on Jan. 9, 10, 11 and we need foster dogs and handlers to attend.  There are only a specific number of badges available so I need to know who is coming and what time.  Fosters bringing dogs are the first priority, along with volunteers who are willing to bring someone else foster dog (and pick up if they are not staying the whole time).   Becky is organizing an can arrange for adoptions-so dogs can get adopted from the event.  This is an awesome op...


Sent December 17th 2014

This Saturday, 10-3 at Pet Valu in Jenkintown (on the Fairway between Petsmart and Whole Foods), Pet Valu will be hosting a "Stuff the Truck" event! The truck is graciously donated for the event by John Kennedy Ford! We will also have our adoptables there! Below is the list of our needs and the schedule. Will will need volunteers to help with holding fosters, helping interested adopters and loading/unloading the truck.  ** NEED DESPERATELY  **1. Dry puppy food ( no generic food pls) **2. Canned pup...


Sent December 13th 2014

CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS ...we need help! Plan for tomorrow : LONG DAY REST UP!! 7:00-9:00walk feed water 9:00-10:00set up ...computers need to be ready by 10 sharp! 10-10:30 short meeting 10:30-11:30 pre- approved Wilson adopters 12:00-1:00 walk water feed 1:00-1:30 pre approved adopters 1:30-4:30 adoption event...be prepared will be nuts! 4:30-5:30 fosters pick up Still need lots of fosters....pls!!! 4:30-6:30 clean up and shed! WE CONTINUE TO NEED HELP AT THE END OF THE EVENT FOR CLEANUP. It's same small gr...

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Sent December 5th 2014

Plan for 12/6/14: Event at Horsham Vet: 3:30-4:30 set up 4:30-7:30 event 7:30-8:30 clean up Pls bring a snack to share!! Come out and see our wonderful dogs that are looking for a forever homes!!!!!  All of our dogs are in foster homes and being loved and kissed but are longing for a FOREVER HOME  Fran ...


Sent November 24th 2014

BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!!! We will be at PetValu Friday November 28 Pet Valu in Jenkintown  6-8 pm   WE NEED A FOSTER BY FRIDAY, BLACK FRIDAY.   Bandit needs a foster, he was taken in by another foster temporarily, you see his foster mom is slated to take a dog that is in need of medical care, so Bandit has to be  moved.   He is good with other dogs and is a bit afraid of men but he is working on it.  Bandit did good with a fellow male volunteer at the event, so a calm, understanding ...


Sent November 21st 2014

Plans for SUNDAY November 23: Late start but really busy day! 11:00 -12:00 walk water and feed 12:00-4:00- Christmas Pet portraits ..... We need to direct all people having portraits to the community room! 11:00-12:30 Set-up and organize 1:00-1:30 pre-approved adopters arrive 1:30-4:30 event 4:30-5:00 fosters pick up 5:00-6:00 clean up, go to shed and go home! ** pls bring a snack to share! *** all volunteers must park legally in the adjoining lots! We need lots of AM coverage! ...

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