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Wags News- Times for this weekends event

Sent August 21st 2014

Plans for Sunday Aug 24: Busy busy day.....get lots of sleep and eat your Wheaties!!! 7:00-9:00 Walk feed water  9:00-9:30 Shed 9:00-10:00 set-up  10:00-11:30 meeting.... Lots to discuss encouraged to attend!! 11:30-12:00 evaluate surrenders  12:00-1:00 tie up loose ends....eat and rest up for crowds!! 1:00-1:30 pre-approved adopters arrive  1:30-4:30 adoption event 4:00-5:30 fosters pick  up dogs/ pups 5:00-6:30 tear down, clean up and neatly pack up!! Poor response to FOSTER plea, ...


Sent August 20th 2014

WE NEED FOSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!  Spread the word, we need fosters in order to save lives.  Potential fosters will have to fill out an application for foster, which can be accessed on our web site at www.wagsrescue.com Hi, my name is Betty Boop. I may be a senior girl, but I still have a lot of life and love to give. Several months ago, in an attempt to go on an adventure while still living in NC, I broke my leg. My owner had died so I was basically on my own for a while and my leg did not get the proper care it n...


Sent August 7th 2014

THE EVENT THIS WEEKEND!!!!! Our event this week is Friday 6-9 at Pet Valu located in Jenkintown at the Baederwood shopping center!  Please come out!! 5:30 set up Jeannie is the contact (215) 779-8026 if you are able to help set up, take down or attend.  Nibler is 7 months old.  Recovering from back leg surgery with no restrictions.  He needs to be in foster tomorrow as he can not stay at the hospital any longer.  He is a Lab/Weimeraner mix breed.  He is super sweet.  Pl...

Times for Sunday's Adoption Event and Fundraiser

Sent August 2nd 2014

Some last minute details for Sunday 11:00 set up 12:00 - 2:00 Dog wash !!!!!! We need runners to bring dogs back and 2 volunteers to check in dogs and handle the money 1:00-3:00 Pet portraits, we need two volunteers to check in the dogs, collet money and the dogs and also get the persons infor for sending photo  1:30- 4:30 The event  2:00 evaluate any surrenders 4:00- 5:00 foster pick up 5:00- 6:30 serious clean up and neatly packing our bins and storage area We need lots of help this weekend. Please b...


Sent July 31st 2014

Back to school time has gone to the DOGS!!!!!!!  It is that time of year where they school shopping commercials are on, and the supplies are cheap. Do you know that Wags uses TONS of supplies to keep our records and all the other stuff that goes along with rescue.  So when you are out there getting your school supplies we need pocket folders, white copy paper, colored copy paper, pens, pocket folders, pens, sharpie markers, pocket folders............... do you think we need tons of folders?  WE NEED FOST...


Sent July 18th 2014

WAGS NEWS Sunday Event Sunday July 20th from 1:30 to 4:30 at Horsham Vet Hospital at 971 Horsham Rd, Horsham Pa 19044 We will have TONS and TONS of puppies and dogs.  We also still need fosters, if we don't have fosters we can not commit to bringing dogs/puppies up and they die.  Hate to be so blunt but it is the truth, in order for us to save them we need fosters, without fosters, they die, so spread the word that we need great foster homes.  You can access the foster application on our site, and se...


Sent June 28th 2014

WAGS NEWS Our next event is this Sunday at Horsham Vet, Sunday June 29 Our day will start at 11:30 where we will meet at the shed to laod up the things we need for the event.  We need a few people to help here. After we load up we will set up at Horsham. 12:30 Fosters arrive 1:00 Pre approved adopters arrive 1:30 - 4:30 THE EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!! 4:30-5:00 foster pick up 4:30-6:00 Time to clean up and return everything to the shed Please bring a snack to share There will not be an event July 4 to July ...


Sent June 19th 2014

WAGS NEWS Plan for Sunday June 22 event. 7:00 walk, water and feed the dogs and puppies 8:30 load up at shed 9:00 start setting up 10:00 we will be having a short general meeting 11:00 finish setting up 12:00 evaluate surrenders  1:00 pre approved adopters arrive  2:00-5:00 is the event and will be the times for all Summer events at Horsham Vet 5:00 foster will pick up your dog and we NEED fosters, without fosters we can not rescue, without fosters these dogs would die. 5:00-6:30 clean up ...


Sent June 12th 2014

Wag Come out to our event tomorrow, we need a few people to help setup about 5:00-5:30 The event to follow.  Fosters please bring your fosters out, the more the fosters are at events the faster they can find their forever hom. We would like to hold Bake sales at every event to raise the much needed money we need to continue saving lives.  We will need someont to coordinate it every week, we will need someone to run the table, and donated homemade goodies, wrapped indivually. If you are on Facebook and...


Sent June 5th 2014

WAGS NEWS This weekends event is on Saturday, lots of fun come out and help and enjoy the day with us. Saturday is a big day with two events at once! Set up will start for Horsham day at 11:00. The event is 12:00-3:00and we will be hanging out after for Horsham Day festivities. From HorshamAlyssa and Shelly will be packing up and heading to Phillyfit around 1. If two people could volunteer to go that would be perfect. We will also need puppies driven to Phillyfit around 3:30. Phillyfit runs 4-8, with food and p...

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