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Sent May 28th 2014

WAGS NEWS Our up coming event is this Sunday June 1, 2014 at Horsham Vet from 2:00-5:00 Please come out with your foster, and spread the word that we have lots and lots of dogs still available for adoption. We can not save dogs without fosters, as fosters are the back bone of rescue.  We never feel like we can save enough lives and will always mourn the lives that we could not save in time, we can't do it without foster homes.  Please spread the word that we are looking for wonderful homes for o...

wags Event

Sent May 20th 2014

wags Event Our event this weekend!!!!!!!!! We need help with set up at 5:00 and then help at the event 6:00-8:00 This is the only event this Holiday weekend so bring out your fosters Pet Valu in Baederwood Shopping Center 1627 The Fairway Jenkintown pa 19046 ...

Sunday's event

Sent May 17th 2014

Sunday's event 7:00 9:00 Walk , water and feed the dogs 9:00 930 Run to shed for the supplies needed to run the event 9:30 11:30 Unload and set up our supplies 11:30 12:30 Evaluate surrenders 12:30 2:00 Pre approved adopters arrive  2:00 5:00 THE EVENT 5:00 5:30 Foster pick up 5:30 7:00 Clean up and return to shed,help needed here Long day snacks appreciated We are very short on volunteers tomorrow so your help is really needed !!!!! ...


Sent May 7th 2014

WAGS NEWS Saturday May 10th 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm Horsham Vet 971 Horsham rd 3:30 We have to go to the shed for our supplies for set up (need lots of help as we will be short on time) 4:00 Fosters arrive 5:00 8:00 Event 800 -930 Clean up and return to shed we need help here Sunday is Mothers days, we want all of our mothers to enjoy the day.  Mothers Day are for mothers of human and fur babies, for our fathers that are mothers. Wags welcomes children but we need to remind everyone that they MUS...


Sent April 29th 2014

JUST A REMINDER Just a friendly reminder to everyone Make sure that your own personal dogs are up to date on shots, Heart Worm prevention and flea and tick prevention.  DOG LICENSE- The dog Warden is making her rounds so make sure that your License is up to date!!!! Fran ...

Sunday's event

Sent April 26th 2014

Sunday's event Our Event is TOMORROW!!!!! 7:00-9:00 Walk, feed and water the dogs 9:00-9:30 Go to the shed and pick up all of our supplies and get ready for the event 9:30-11:30 Set up everything 11:30-12:30  Fosters arrive 12:00-1:00 Pre approved adopters arrive 1:00-4:00 Event 3:30-4:30 Fosters pick up their dogs 4:30-6:30 Clean up and get the heck home. we need help here Tomorrow is going to be a long day, please bring a snack or something to eat and share Fran ...


Sent April 23rd 2014

WAGS NEWS Our  up coming events !!!!!!!! Saturday April 26 Saturday we are having a bonus small event at the Baderwood Pet Valu in Jenkintown at 10:00 am! If you're in the area or free, please stop by with your fosters! This is in addition to our regular event Sunday at Horsham Vet. For any information, call Jeannie at 2157798026. Sunday April 27th all hands on deck at 7AM Sunday at Horsham Vet, we need volunteers from sun up to sundown. There is allot of stuff to be done and Sunday will be a busy, busy d...


Sent April 19th 2014

WAGS NEWS NO EVENT THIS WEEKEND !!!!!! Wags wants to let everyone know that there is no event this weekend, we want to wish everyone a safe Easter.  We have many dogs for adoption that will spend the holiday waiting for a forever home.  They will be loved and treated as family but are still looking for a place to call their own, so get your list ready of the dogs you want to adopt on our site www.wagsrescue.com, and come out to the next event to see them.   Run over to our Facebook page and post a p...

Wags News, this sunday and donations needed.

Sent April 12th 2014

Wags News, this sunday and donations needed. Hi Everyone, We are in need of some supplies like, copy paper, color paper, HP inkjet ink for printer(950XL black ink), clipboards, paper towels, dog toys, and dog snacks.They would be greatly appreciated. For tomorrow our plan is  10:00 Meet at the shed 10:30-12:00 unload and set up  12:00-1:00 Approved adopters arrive  1:00-4:00 The event 4:00-6:00 CLEAN UP  Fran ...


Sent April 11th 2014

WAGS NEWS Our event is this sunday !!!!!!!!!!!  These weeks just fly by so fast, we hope you and your furbabies are enjoying the nice weather, it is such a nice change.   This sunday our event is at Horsham Vet and is from 1:00 - 4:00  Fosters need to bring their cages with them or plan on holding your dog the whole event. Volunteers and fosters must sign in when they arrive.  Volunteers have to sign in so we know who is at the event. Foster please sign in even if you are not going to stay,...

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