I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Ben Talbot

We're happy to tell you that Ben Talbot has a new furever home.
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  1. PA KL #5254
    Wags Rescue
    Southampton Pa 18966



Aroooo! I'm Ben Talbot, the beagle! I have learned SO MUCH in the past two weeks, more than in my whole 2 years! For example, did you know that cream cheese is awesome? It's true! And, and, napping on the couch is *awesome*! I can't believe I didn't know that before! I have learned to potty outside (my foster mom keeps me on a schedule but sometimes I mess up, whoops), to jump on the bed and snooze (do you see a pattern here?), to play with toys (awesome!!!), and, most important, I'm learning to TRUST. That one is really, really hard, you guys. My foster parents are super nice but sometimes I am scared that when they reach for me they might hurt me (of course, they never do)! I guess people weren't so nice to me in the past. It takes me a little while to warm up for snuggle time, but the next thing you know I'm curled up in your armpit! And I am great at meeting you at the door with my tail wagging.
I love to be outside and usually I come when I am called. I would really love to have a buddy to play with (my foster siblings are old and not keen on playing), as I love everybody, even CATS (they are not overly fond of me though, because I'm a butt sniffer). I'm good on walks but v e e r r y   s l ooo w w w because I am a smelling machine, so if you're looking for a running partner, it ain't me, but I can help you perfect your saunter. I should probably saunter more, since I could stand to lose a few ozzes and libs (I weigh 36 libs, thank you very much! Foster mom says about 30 would be better and we're taking it one day at a time). I am mostly quiet but if I hear another dog barking (even in the distance), Imma serve up some AROOOO. You have been warned!
I do fine in the crate (catching Zzzz's baby), but I dearly love to sleep in the bed with you and I barely move during the night. I am serious about my Zzzz's. Maybe you would like a pup to lay with you on the couch while you relax? I'm a real good relaxer.

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