Is Fostering Right For Me?

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We need you so we can help save them:

We believe in the value of the lives of the dogs that we rescue and giving them a second chance on life with Foster Families that will love them and treasure them as true members of the family.

Foster Families are one of the things we are in most need of, rarely have enough of, and never have too many of. Our Foster Families are the heart and soul of Wags. They are the bridge between the kill shelters and furever homes for our dogs. Without our Foster Network, we could not continue.

For our Foster based rescue, placing dogs in kennels isn't the answer financially and it doesn't help to get to know them better. If you were alone in a new town, would you rather stay in a metal crate or in the home of some nice family with companionship, love and affection?

Wags strives to place the animals in our care in the most appropriate and permanent living situation. Until that perfect home can be found, our animals remain in the care of one of our dedicated Foster Families..

Most of the dogs that need foster care will need your patience, understanding, time, training and unconditional love to help them move into their forever home.

Wags Rescue will provide all medical care, food, tag, collar, leash, crate and support in caring for your foster.

What Does Fostering Mean and How Will It Impact Me?

It means bringing a homeless dog(s) into your home, caring for them, providing them with love, affection and socialization, until a permanent family comes along who will love them furever. The impact for them is giving them a chance...the impact for you

"Saving one dog will not change the world. But surely for that one dog, the world will change forever."

mr jimmy


Wags works with other rescues and local surrenders that are at high risk of being euthanized through no fault of their own. When Wags pulls a save two. Wags has one and the shelter or other rescue opens up to save another one.

2. How does it start

We are able to "pull' the dogs into our rescue with the help of our Foster Families that agree to foster those currently in need.

3. How to prepare

Depending on what you agree to foster, you may get a puppy, puppies, adolescent, adult, senior...what about an expectant Mama or a Mama who just had a new family. We have what you are looking for and will let you choose what might work best for you and will be so grateful for the help. We have an entire community to offer sound advice and a group of volunteers always just a phone call away. You should get an area ready for your new friends arrival. We have lots of suggestions to get you started. Wags will provide the crate and food and possibly an  x-pen(puppy playpen) should you be taking a few puppies.


Once you get them into your home you might realize quickly that they are already fun, loving, playful and cuddly. While others may need to decompress before coming out of their shells. All will need your love, care and compassion. Then others may need more time. We may or may not know their full history of any abuse, cruelty, neglect or under socialization but with time, you have the chance and opportunity to gain a dogs trust, show them human touch and love perhaps for the first time, provide an environment for them to feel safe, and watch them transform before your eyes.



If you have existing pets, we will explain slow introductions for you and your family. In time introducing a new friend can be a great experience for them as an additional companion, additional socialization, and an additional playmate! Children can benefit from fostering as a way to introduce responsibility, selflessness, a way to educate about animals, and is also a great way to "test" the idea of a permanent dog into the home in the future.


While you have your foster, Wags asks that you provide a safe, clean, caring environment with food, water exercise and socialization as is age appropriate. Monitor any medical and/or behavioral problems and provide any medications as directed.  Wags will cover the costs of vetting and let you know what and when vaccines, preventatives, spay/neuters are due. We just ask that you make them available for these appointments. Assisting with transporting them to and from our weekly Meet & Greet events helps them find their furever home. It also gives you a chance to meet with fellow fosters. They will help guide you through the experience, give ideas, answer any questions, and may even become your friends!

After providing shelter, food, care, love and guidance...the day comes, that your foster finds that perfect home, the rewarding feeling you will experience is something very special. You will feel a sense of pride, in knowing what you helped that dog accomplish in his time with you. You will feel overjoyed, that you helped him find his furever family.

You can't change a

dogs past

but you can help rewrite

their future!

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There I sat, alone and afraid,
You got a call and came right to my aid.
You bundled me up with blankets and love,
And, when I needed it most, you gave me a hug.

I learned that the world was not all that scary and cold,
That sometimes there is someone to have and to hold.
You taught me what love is, you helped me to mend,
You loved me and healed me and became my first friend.

And just when I thought you'd done all you do,
There came along not one new lesson, but two.

First you said, "Sweetheart, you're ready to go,
We've done all we can, and you've learned all we know."
Then you bundled me up with a blanket and kiss,
Along came a new family, they even have kids!

They took me to their home, forever to stay,
At first I thought you sent me away.
Then that second lesson became perfectly clear,
No matter how far, you will always be near.

And so, Foster Family, you know I've moved on,
I have a new home, with toys and a lawn.
But I'll never forget what I learned that first day,
You never really give your fosters away.

You gave me these thoughts to remember you by,
We may never meet again, and now I know why.
You'll remember I lived with you for a time,
I may not be yours, but you'll always be mine.

Ready to Foster?

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