I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Otis aka Robbs Society

We're happy to tell you that Otis aka Robbs Society has a new furever home.
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PA Kennel License #5254
Wags Rescue
Southampton Pa 18966



We could sit here and tell you that this boy is perfect, but we won’t do that, because the perfect family for Otis will be the one who knows all of his flaws and is willing to love him the way he deserves anyway. So here it is, the good, the bad, and the slobbery.

Otis is a 5 year old 75lb mix of something on the bigger side (Cane Corso? Mastiff? Who knows, but honestly, does it really matter as long as he’s a good boy?) He’s got allergies (managed by a monthly injection), anxiety when riding in the car so bad that he foams at the mouth, requires sedation when getting his nails trimmed, legs that are turned so far out he looks like he’s permanently trying a new ballet move, and is sometimes scared of his own shadow. He hates wearing hats, stops eating when you move his food bowl to a new location, and needs to be strong armed into his crate when you switch it up. Sounds like a winner, right? I promise you, for the right person/family, this dog will bring you more joy than you ever could have imagined, just as he has with us. He loves his people unconditionally (which means even more when you learn that he was rehomed through no fault of his own and is still willing to love and trust people), is typically a couch potato but puts on a hilarious show when he decides to play with a ball or stuffed animal, is bombproof with cats, dogs, and kids, doesn’t beg for people food (unless he sees a pizza box), walks well on a leash but also enjoys a fenced yard, is reliable in the house when left alone, knows “sit”, “down”, and “paw”, and serves as an excellent guard dog. This big teddy bear is ready to start his new life and make his new family incredibly lucky. If you have an affinity for quirky, perfectly imperfect creatures and would like to add this incredible boy to your family, apply at www.wagsrescue.org


At 5 years old and 80 pounds, this cane corso mix has all of the wonderful qualities of a seasoned companion. Otis was rehomed through no fault of his own, and is now looking for someone who is going to understand that while he has a lot of love to give, he is a bit of a scaredy cat. While living in his current foster home, he has reliably gone potty outside and has enjoyed the company of the resident cats, dogs, and kids. Otis would do best in a home that will give him the time and patience to settle in as well as one where someone is home a majority of the time. He is not much of a traveler (he gets anxious in the car) but will lay in a home office or on a couch as you work all day long without a peep. If you are a lover of the simple things and enjoy just being home with your loved ones, Otis may be the man for you.

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