I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Paul Talbot

We're happy to tell you that Paul Talbot has a new furever home.
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PA Kennel License #5254
Wags Rescue & Referral
Southampton Pa 18966

Available 4/7/2024


Originated from
Allmons All About Animals DL# 17277
Blackshear GA 31516


Good day everyone!  My name is Paul -  I came up from GA about 6 weeks ago and boy is life in PA so wonderful..   I am about 17 weeks old now, been in PA almost half my life now.  I'm learning new things every single day..  I am now 20 lbs and I know some things.  I know I'm supposed to relieve myself outside for sure - and not in my play pen.  Sometimes I can't hold it because my foster dad works long hours sometimes, but hey - I'd rather do this than live in the box they found me in with my siblings 6 weeks ago..  I am learning how to act like a proper dog that is loved and cared for.  I am living with 4 foster brothers and sisters and boy are they a lot of fun..  I love to play fetch with one of them, tug with the other, and one is great for cuddling.  I am a very versatile pup now and a complete love bug - give me your lap any day and I'm in heaven.   I can ride in a car without any trouble, I sleep through the night in my playpen without issue and even have times when I get free roam of the house with my foster sisters and brothers, where I can explore and learn new things.  
I'm not sure why I've been passed over for so long, I am super cute at events, super calm most of the time, and my brother, who was just a plain jane brown, got adopted like the 2nd week.  How rude!!  I am white with white speckles and dots all over my body and belly, I have a black dot right on top of my head that makes it look like I'm wearing a tiny hat and a short little nub of a tail that wags endlessly when I'm happy.    I'm willing to wait and know that the perfect family will come along and make me happy FURRREEEEEEEVER after soon!


Good day - my name is Paul McCartney -   you know from the famous band the Beatles -  People just call me Paul though.  When I'm not fighting off the paparazzi, I like to play with toys and run around my yard.  I also love my routine -  Sleep, play, sleep, eat, sleep, play, eat, sleep, then repeat the next day -  I have the life -  I am a 12 week old lab mix puppy from Georgia.  I made my journey up to PA after someone decided they didnt need me and my 3 siblings - you know Ringo Starr, John Lennon and George Harrison - and they just left us on the side of the road.  Thankfully a nice bystander found us and put us in touch with the right people to get us up here to PA - where I hear being a dog is AWESOME!  I'm a typical puppy for 12 weeks -  I am learning the ropes, learning how to do my business outside and not inside, and just learning how to be a good boy - my brother John is here with me and I have 4 other foster siblings that are helping me figure things out!   I'm white with a dark spot on my head and have a nubby tail :-)   Won't you be my forever family here in PA?

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