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My family adopted Trapper through WAGS in April 2008. He was a shelter rescue transported with 35 other dogs from a shelter in Leland, MS to Pennsylvania. I lived in Warrington, PA. I had adopted a Black Labrador mix named Ashley as well. She is still alive and well. Trapper's host family ended up not wanting him. The WAGS volunteers brought him to me to ask me to foster him until they could find him a forever home and within 24 hours my girls and I were in love with him and we adopted him. It was the best decision!! I had always raised Labs and he was my first bloodhound-mix. Very sadly, I relieved him of his pain from bone cancer in January of 2015. I'm just sending in this dedication now, as I just found this page. 

I want WAGS to know he was the best, the most loyal and the craziest hound around. He loved my daughters & myself so much and we became richer for the experience of having him in our family. I still find myself thanking WAGS for bringing him to us. 

He is never far from my heart. I'll never forget him and the love he brought to my life. Thanks for allowing me to send you this lovely picture of him in the snow which he loved so much. 

Thank you all for what you do for these animals.  



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